Why I Changed My Mind About LA

A few thoughts on LA

Ever since my road trip to LA a few years ago, I’ve always felt a small disdain for the city. I never got the chance to see the city for what it really is, and why my West Coast friends always threaten to ditch NYC and move back. To me, the city didn’t have any qualities that made me prefer it over New York City or even Philadelphia (my college town). Sure, it has accessible beaches and restaurants galore, but the feeling I got from it was emptiness.

 Why I changed my mind bout LA (and the West Coast!)

Dating a native Los Angeleno has opened my eyes to the West Coast. I’ve always been a planner, Type A to a T, and I’ve always been surrounded by others who are the same. This trip to LA has made me let go just a tad, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way I handle the unexpected. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace while there and I had a carefree attitude about the little things. I suppose there’s just something about being able to drive 30 minutes and hit perfect, uncrowded beach, and feel a complete sense of calm.

Although there is an endless amount to do in NYC, the options in LA seem truly limitless. The cities in LA are obviously so much larger than the neighborhoods and boroughs in NYC, but the completely different landscapes are a game changer. Because everyone has to have a car — apparently no one takes public transportation in LA — day trips are more easily accessible. The hustle of NYC can be draining, and I feel myself itching for some good old fashioned Mother Nature every month or so.

I. Did. Not. Sweat. In. LA. I loathe sweating. It was glorious. I find myself drenched because of the NYC subways since temperatures can reach over 100 degrees on the hottest summer days. Temperatures were consistently in the 80s during the day, and in the 60s at night, at least in May. Stay perfect, LA.

The one huge drawback is that you do have drive everywhere. I’ve gotten so used to a car-less life that I’m not even sure how to handle getting back into it. Also, the traffic. I couldn’t imagine commuting in traffic, especially while tired, every morning or night. But perhaps it’s the price you have to pay to call such a beautiful place home. I wouldn’t mind, eventually.

Are you for or against LA? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

 Why I changed my mind bout LA (and the West Coast!)

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    • Thank you! I’m trying to get back into photography. Lugging my DSLR around has been helping. I went to Drexel! My family is from a Philly suburb (in SJ), and my Grandmom lives in Center City. Philly is the best 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m trying to get back into it by lugging my DSLR everywhere I go.
      Ah! I went to Drexel. Philly has been somewhat of my hometown. I grew up outside, and my Grandmom lives in CC. It’s such a great city!

  • So glad you hear you changed your mind about LA! I know that so many New Yorkers hate LA, but honestly, if you come here as a tourist and spend all your time at the tourist destinations, of course you’re going to hate it. Just as anyone who spent their whole trip to NY in Times Square would hate it. It actually is a huge city with so much to explore and a huge amount of culture that isn’t easily found by visitors, but that doesn’t mean this culture doesn’t exist. So glad you see that now!

    • It makes complete sense when you put it in that term. New Yorkers loathe Times Square, for sure. I think what also changed my mind is that I just felt more calm on the West Coast. It’s just such a different way of life! And the weather is just beautiful 🙂