But are you currently not getting any responses?


► Fed up with not hearing anything from brands after pouring your heart and soul into a pitch?

► Tired of seeing a similar blogger work with your dream brands?

► Wondering how you can get your foot in the door to work with brands?


We'll work 1-on-1 together to to transform your brand into
the one that brands love to work with.


Together we can:


► Determine what your own personal story is and identify your target audience.

► Create a plan for improving your own brand to attract sponsored collaborations.

► Identify your unique value to both your readers and with brands.

► Create a strategy for you to land consistent sponsored collaborations.

Anna Fatlowitz

Your Pitching Strategist

Hi, I'm Anna!

I've worked on the brand side of influencer marketing and also help bloggers work with their dream brands.

With my background in social and brand strategy—and as a influencer myself—I'm in a unique position to help you with your pitching goals. I also love bridging the info and communication gap between influencers and brands.

Clients of mine have landed brand deals with H&M, Minted, Bob's Red Mill, DeLallo, Zevia, ButcherBox, Chatbooks, and more.


Your Pitching Strategy Session will include:


✔️ 45-Minute IntroCall

To get started, you'll first need to schedule a 45-Minute Intro Call with me so that I can better understand your brand, goals, and current strategies. There's no need to fill out a time-consuming questionnaire beforehand!

✔️ Custom Pitching Strategy

After your Intro Call is complete, I'll create a Custom Pitching Strategy for you that includes actionable steps and resources.

✔️ 45-Minute follow-up call

Once your Custom Pitching Strategy is complete, you'll schedule your 45-Minute Follow-Up Call with me to go over your Custom Pitching Strategy.

✔️ Audio Replay

Don't worry about taking pages of notes. Our calls will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.


Your Investment: $297

This Pitching Strategy Session is not for you if...


► You're not committed to taking the steps necessary to get your brand in pitching shape.

► You think that pitching and working with brands are ALL about the numbers.

► All you want from brand partnerships are free products.

► You don't already have an established brand.


Tanya E. Williams
Author of Breathe & Becoming Mrs. Smith

"Anna was a blessing. One that I didn't even realize I needed fully until we connected. I had spent months researching, reading, and trying to figure out a strategy for my author's platform. Countless hours spent, not writing my novel, but attempting to read between the lines of all things SEO, analytical, and metadata-ish. A foreign language that I simply could not crack the code to. Anna's blog and social media audit of my existing platform gave me a clear guide to what steps I needed to take. There were many, and I suspect it will be weeks until I've conquered them all, but I am relieved to have a concise plan of action. The most important aspect of Anna's detailed analysis was the way she coaxed out of me answers to crucial questions about my brand thus allowing me time to really think about what it is I want to portray to my audience of readers. To me that is priceless. Thank you Anna for your insight, guidance, and easily followed list of "to do's" that even a technically challenged author like myself can tackle and successfully complete."



"When I saw Anna launch her blog + social audit, I immediately signed up. I haven't seen this before and knew it would be beneficial to hear insight from someone that works at an influencer agency perspective. I was so impressed by Anna's audit presentation and hands-on phone call that gave me constructive feedback on my current website, social media platforms, and even the new website design that I'm about to launch."

Here's how it works.


1. Book your Intro Call with me by clicking the button below. You will need to pay for the Pitching Strategy Session when you book.

2. Once you finalize your Intro Call booking and payment, you'll receive a confirmation email with the date and time you chose.

3. After your Intro Call, I will work on your Custom Pitching Strategy. This will take around 1 week to complete, if not sooner. I will contact you to schedule your Follow-Up Call.

4. In your Follow-Up Call, I'll discuss your Custom Pitching Strategy and ways you can implement it.

Expect your Pitching Strategy Session to take 3-4 weeks depending on scheduling.




Do you offer discounts?

Unfortunately, I do not offer discounts on the Pitching Strategy Session because I dedicate a large chunk of my time to you and your brand. If you currently don't have the funds, please contact me at anna@ventureandeat.com to discuss a payment plan.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes and no. Refunds will not be offered once work has been complete. For example, if you are unable to go through with the Pitching Strategy Session and cancel before your Intro Call, then payment will be refunded. If you fail to schedule your Follow-Up Video Call after your Custom Pitching Strategy has been completed, you forfeit that part of the Pitching Strategy Session and your payment will not be refunded. In that instance, your Custom Pitching Strategy will be emailed to you.


More questions? Shoot me an email: anna@ventureandeat.com

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