Testimonial 2

"Anna was a blessing. One that I didn't even realize I needed fully until we connected. I had spent months researching, reading, and trying to figure out a strategy for my author's platform. Countless hours spent, not writing my novel, but attempting to read between the lines of all things SEO, analytical, and metadata-ish. A foreign language that I simply could not crack the code to. Anna's blog and social media audit of my existing platform gave me a clear guide to what steps I needed to take. There were many, and I suspect it will be weeks until I've conquered them all, but I am relieved to have a concise plan of action. The most important aspect of Anna's detailed analysis was the way she coaxed out of me answers to crucial questions about my brand thus allowing me time to really think about what it is I want to portray to my audience of readers. To me that is priceless. Thank you Anna for your insight, guidance, and easily followed list of "to do's" that even a technically challenged author like myself can tackle and successfully complete."

—Tanya E Williams
Author of Breathe & Becoming Mrs. Smith