Top 10 Foods To Try In Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is a beautiful city in northern Italy that is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine. The city is home to a variety of traditional dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and each one offers a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the traditional foods you must try when visiting Bergamo.

Casoncelli alla Bergamasca

Casoncelli is a type of stuffed pasta that is a staple in the Bergamo region. The pasta is stuffed with a mixture of meat, bread crumbs, cheese, and herbs, and is typically served with melted butter and sage. The dish is hearty and flavorful, and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Polenta e Osei

Polenta is a traditional Italian dish made from boiled cornmeal, and is often served with a variety of meats and sauces. In Bergamo, one of the most popular dishes is Polenta e Osei, which is made with a rich tomato-based sauce and small birds such as quail or thrush. The dish is a perfect representation of Bergamo’s rustic and hearty cuisine.


Scarpinocc is a type of small ravioli that is filled with a mixture of cheese and spinach. The pasta is served with a simple tomato sauce, and is a great choice for those who are looking for a lighter and healthier option. The dish is simple, yet delicious, and is sure to leave you wanting more.


Bergamo is known for its delicious cured meats, including salami, prosciutto, and bresaola. These meats are typically served with cheese and bread, and make for a great snack or light lunch. Be sure to try the local varieties, as each one has a unique flavor and texture.

Polenta Taragna

Polenta Taragna is a traditional dish that is made with cornmeal, butter, cheese, and buckwheat flour. The dish is rich and creamy, and is typically served with a variety of meats or vegetables. It is a perfect comfort food for a cold winter day, and is sure to warm you up from the inside out.

Torta Donizetti

Torta Donizetti is a traditional dessert that is named after the famous composer Gaetano Donizetti, who was born in Bergamo. The dessert is a type of sponge cake that is filled with cream and chocolate, and is typically served with a side of vanilla ice cream. It is a perfect way to end a meal, and is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Polenta e Luganega

Polenta e Luganega is a simple yet satisfying dish that is a staple of Bergamo cuisine. It consists of a thick, creamy polenta that is served with Luganega, a type of pork sausage that is grilled or fried. This dish is typically served in a copper pan, giving it an extra touch of rustic charm.

Stracchino e Polenta

Stracchino is a soft, creamy cheese that is native to the Lombardy region of Italy. When paired with a thick slice of polenta, it creates a simple yet delicious dish that is perfect for lunch or a light dinner. The cheese is often melted over the polenta, creating a warm and gooey texture that is hard to resist.

Taleggio Cheese

Taleggio is a type of soft cheese that is made in the Bergamo region. The cheese has a strong and distinctive flavor that is both nutty and earthy. It is often served on a cheese board alongside other local cheeses, and pairs well with a glass of red wine.


Panettone is a sweet bread that is typically eaten during the Christmas season. It is a staple of Italian cuisine, and is especially popular in the Lombardy region. The bread is made with candied fruit and raisins, and is often served with a side of mascarpone cheese. It is a perfect way to end a meal, and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and content.

Bergamo is a city that is full of delicious and unique dishes that are sure to please any palate. From hearty pasta dishes to simple yet satisfying snacks, the cuisine of Bergamo is a perfect representation of the region’s rustic and authentic culture. Be sure to try as many local specialties as possible, and immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant culinary traditions of this beautiful city.

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